Anaerobic Incubator DW-LAI-3T-N

General Details

* Microprocessor controller, accurately control the temperature and gas in incubator.
* Equipped with large color touch screen,easy operation
* Imported oxygen sensor and high precision temperature sensor to ensure accuracy, stability and high security.
* Automatic control for gas replacement.
* Unique oil bottle type pressure relief design, protects internal positive pressure and prevents air leakage.
* UV Sterilizer,effectively prevent bacterial contamination..
* Stainless steel cultivation and operation room,transparent impact-resistant glass front window for easy observation.
* Latex gloves are comfortable and reliable,easy to use.
* Operation room is equipped with deoxidization catalyst.
* Unique track design for sample transmit,easy operatio.
* Sample transfer: can transfer 40 pcs of 90mm plates at a time.
* Equipped with leakage protection.
* The operating room is equipped with special inoculating rod sterilizer and wax melting disinfection device.
* With USB interface, can store 6 months of data.

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