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Product origin CHINA

Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply
BKS-Y-800 atomizing disinfection robot is designed to purify the air by rapidly atomizing the liquid and automatically spraying the area. This robot can automatically navigate to the area for full-coverage spraying, and supports mobile app control to achieve man-machine separation and minimize personnel exposure, so that the use safety is greatly improved. With simple structure, it is easy to maintain and manage. The spray robot is widely applicable to hospitals, airports, office buildings, shopping malls, schools, factories and other public places.

The atomizing disinfection robot is by quickly atomizing the disinfectant and automatically spraying into the disinfection area to get the air effectively purified. Using 100mg/L hypochlorous acid disinfectant, according to the amount of 5ml/m3, continue to spray evenly into the space to disinfect.


  • The large-capacity 16L disinfectant tank can continuously disinfect for more than 5 ~ 6 hours, and the disinfection coverage is up to 4000 ~ 5000 m2.
  • Support APP control, no-touch automated disinfection greatly improve the safety of use in the disinfection process.
  • Two disinfection modes: timed disinfection and immediate disinfection.
  • With autonomous navigation function, lidar obstacle avoidance, can fully cover the required area.
  • Support automatic return to charge, human assistance isn’t required.
  • When the disinfectant is below the warning position, it will return to the waiting area and turn off the spray device automatically.
  • LCD screen display shows pressure, temperature, time, running status, error codes and operation curve etc.
  • Mobile probe detects the internal temperature of liquid directly, to ensure the sterilization effect of liquid program.
Model BKS-Y
External Size(mm) φ500*1335
Atomization Efficiency 2L~3L/H(adjustable)
Disinfectant Capacity 16L
Spray Diameter 5-6m
Disinfection Medium Hypochlorous acid,Chlorine dioxide,Hydrogen peroxide,Peroxyacetic acid, etc.
Spray Method Four-direction spray, large opening spray(optional)
Moving Way Autonomous path planning and automatic navigation
Stability σ≤±8%
Linear Correlation (r)≥0.99
Accuracy Δn≤±10%
Carrying Pollution Rate ≤10-5
Pipetting Accuracy Accuracy a≤±5%, Repeatability CV≤5% @ 20~100ul
Display 10.1-inch color touch screen
Language Chinees, English, Other languages can be customized
Interface RS232
Printer Built-in thermal printer
Power Supply 100~120V/200~240V, 50/60Hz
External Size(L*W*H) mm 550*585*535
Net Weight (kg) 57
Package Size(L*W*H) mm 630*760*600
Gross Weight (kg) 85
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