Automatic Polarimeter Series

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The instrument of rotation is the material spiral.Through the rotation of the sample measurement,canbe analyzed to determine the concentration of the substance, content, purity, and so on.Good
navigation rotation built-in parr (peltier)precise temperature control system, automatic photoelectricdetection technology and humanized human-computer interface, with precise measurement process,the advantages of reliable and convenient operation,widely used in sugar, pharmacy, drug testing,food,spices, monosodium glutamate and chemical, oil and other industrial production, scientificresearch, teaching department, for laboratory analysis or process quality control.

lmprove innovative efficiency
Built in Parr(Peltier) precise temperature control system;
Optical rotation, rotation, concentration, sugar concentration of four kinds of optional test mode;
The scope of the measurement is upgraded to+89 degrees(Xuan Guangdu);4:control using asystematic, highly integrated, fully automated, esay to operate.

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