Automatic Titrator BK-PT960

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Product origin CHINA
Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply
Titrator is a high-precision laboratory analytical instrument for volumetric analysis, according to potentiometric titration, dead-stop titration, Karl Fischer, or other titration methods. Like acid base, REDOX, precipitation, complex metric, dead-stop, Karl Fischer titration, etc. It has the functions of constant titration, micro titration, endpoint titration, volume titration and mode titration, etc. At the same time, the users can set up special titration mode according to the actual needs.
BK-PT960 series can be used in food, drug testing, disease control, commodity inspection, water treatment, petroleum, chemical, Marine, electric power, environmental protection, new energy, education, scientific research and other fields.


  • Multi-Channel modular combination, combine up to 4 dosing units & 4 channels work at same time.
  • 4 standard burettes (1ml/5ml/25ml, and standard as 10mL) available for options according to different application
  • Unique built-in dosing unit to avoid the harmless chemical leak.
  • Multiple self-checking function to avoid mis-operating.
  • Flexible application edit functions, users can storage your own titration mode according to your testing and use the storage mode next time with one click.
  • RS232/USB port with networked CAN bus communication functions
  • Can work with external 12/16/18-samples auto-sampler, making the multitasking operation much easier.

Mixed synchronous inlet system

The world’s leading Mixed synchronous inlet system with 4-channels sample inlet simultaneously, supports expand up to 4 channels.

Totally automatic in add titrant, any combination of additives or auxiliary agents.

Built-in burette

The most secure built-in burette, burette built in the instrument and can be observed though the window during the test to avoid the harmless chemical leak. Burette volume is optional:1ml/5ml/15ml/25ml

Cloud Service

With ethernet interface, it can storage the database to the cloud server.Lead the laboratory instruments to Cloud generation.

Titration platform diversification

Flexible to work with independence titration stand or 12/16/18 auto-sampler, multi-tasking operating through 12/16/18 auto-

sampler can be fully automated, the whole process without staff to monitor, improve the work much more efficiency.

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