Automatic Uncovering Centrifuge BKC-AU5MT、BKC-AU5BT、BKC-AU5KT

General Details

Product origin CHINA
Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply
Vacuum collect blood vessels automatic cap removal, convenient and fast, effectively prevent the vibration of manual cap removal caused by hemolysis, re-suspension and infection risk, widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, immunology, blood stations and other fields.

  • Multi-stage shock absorption, centrifuge vibration is small.
  • OLED large screen, real-time display of rotating speed, centrifugal force, running time, RCF and failure.
  • Microcomputer processor precise control, operation parameters can be modified.
  • DC brushless motor drive, low noise, maintenance free, no dust.
  • 20 programs can be stored, 10 levels speed-up and speed-down control.
  • Automatic induction door lock, with overspeed, unbalance protection, automatic fault alarm function, safe and reliable.
  • Stop without reverberation, centrifuge cover automatically opened after the end of the centrifuge.
  • All steel structure multilayer explosion-proof design, stainless steel cavity, ventilation hole and ring type ventilation duct.
  • Adaptor and cover remover are specially designed to prevent cap removal during centrifuge operation.
Max Speed 5000rpm
Max.RCF 4390×g
Max Capacity 4*500ml
Speed Precision ±1% or ±20rpm
Time Range 1~999min
Power Supply Standard: AC220V 50/60Hz Optional: AC110V50/60Hz
Consumption 500W
Noise ≤65dB(A)
External Size(L*W*H) 620*450*350mm
Package Size(L*W*H) 700*530*480mm
Net/Gross Weight 45kg/55kg
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