BE-G/N Classic Electronic Balance (Economic Series)

General Details


Product origin CHINA

Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply
Large-scale electronic balance has fluent and novel appearance as well as new design, which bring faster weighing response. Unique metal base and mechanical structure guarantee higher stability and stronger anti-interference performance.AC/DC exchangeable for portability and field operation.
Besides, we can also customize special specifications upon customer’s request.

  • AC/DC exchangeable, LCD display, rapid weighing response and high stability.
  • Precision scales calibrated sensor window can effectively make the calibration more accurate(only for BE-G/GF series).
  • External Material:
    BE-G/GF series, stainless steel scale, plastic case and aluminium base thick of 3.8mm,
    BE-N/NF series, stainless steel scale, plastic case and ABS base
  • Superior wireless sensors realize no-button operation of peeled, calibration, avoiding button corrosion by the sample residues.
  • Optional Functions:

  • Anti-theft device Sealing device (Only for BE-G/GF series)
  • Weighing function under the hanging structure, or test weight for weighing magnetic object density, specific gravity, etc.
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