Benchtop pH/ORP/lon Meter

General Details


Product origin CHINA

Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply
Features PH:

  • 1 to 5 points calibration with automatic recognition for USA, NIST and DIN buffers.
  • Automatic electrode diagnosis shows the pH slope and offset.
  • Automatic temperature compensation ensures accurate readings over the entire range.
  • Calibration due alarm prompts user to calibrate the meter regularly.


  • 1 point offset calibration allows adjusting the displayed value to a known standard.
  • Relative and absolute millivolt modes ensure the reliable ORP measurements.(For PH-930).

Ion Concentration:

  • 2 to 5 points calibration, including the 8 concentration points can be selected.
  • Direct ion concentration readout simplifies the measurement process.
  • Automatic electrode diagnosis shows the calibration points and slopes.
  • Selectable concentration units (ppm, mg/L, mol/L, mmol/L) and ionic valency.

General Features:

  • Auto-Read function senses and locks the measurement endpoint.
  • Setup menu allows setting the number of calibration points, resolution, stability criteria, temperature unit, date and time, etc.
  • Reset function automatically resumes all settings back to the factory defaults.
  • Expanded memory stores or recalls up to 500 data sets.
  • USB communication interface for data transfer and timed interval readings.
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