BIOBASE 30l 50l 70l 140l 240l Dual-use Drying Oven Incubator Sterilizer Machine Laboratory Equipment

General Details

Product origin CHINA
Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply

The drying oven/incubator can be used as an incubator for the incubation of bacteria, molds, microorganisms, and tissue cells. As a drying oven, it can be used for baking, drying, heat treatment, disinfection and sterilization. Applicable to universities, research and production department.


  • Outer material: cold-rolled steel plate sprayed on the surface; inner material: SUS stainless steel plate.
  • Air inlet and outlet on the back, the air volume can be adjusted.
  • Adopt silicone rubber sealing strip and double glass door observation window, easy and clear observation.
  • Microcomputer controller, precise and reliable temperature control.
  • The inner box is designed with a circular arc structure, which is easy to clean.
Model BKP3000
Excitation light source LED
Wavelength Excitation wavelength λ0=365nm

Detection wavelength λ1=615nm

Detection Channel 1
Incubation Position 10
Sample Type Serum, plasma, whole blood and urine, etc.
Detection Mode Supports multiple items in one card
Repeatability CV≤5%
Stability σ≤±8%
Linear Correlation (r)≥0.99
Accuracy Δn≤±10%
Carrying Pollution Rate ≤10-5
Pipetting Accuracy Accuracy a≤±5%, Repeatability CV≤5% @ 20~100ul
Display 10.1-inch color touch screen
Language Chinees, English, Other languages can be customized
Interface RS232
Printer Built-in thermal printer
Power Supply 100~120V/200~240V, 50/60Hz
External Size(L*W*H) mm 550*585*535
Net Weight (kg) 57
Package Size(L*W*H) mm 630*760*600
Gross Weight (kg) 85
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