BIOBASE BK-2478 Automatic And Semi-automatic Microtome Machine

General Details


Product origin CHINA

This machine uses a streamlined design, with advanced features, stable and reliable performance and ease of use.

    *Large-volume removable waste tray on the top of housing, convenient to use.

    * Imported cross-roller guide rails andhigh-precision screw motion mechanism.

    * Fast switching between paraffin block clamp and cassette clamp.

    * Hand-wheel balance can be precisely adjustedand can be locked at any position,ensuring safetyand convenience of sectioning.

    * Blade holder can be laterally movedwithout direct contact,enabling use of the entire length of the blade. (three different segments)

    * The red bar on the blade holder covers the whole length of blade to protect the user and enables easy change of the blade.

    * Automatic sectioning speed is adjustable. (BK-2498only)

    * Auto slicing controller ensures trimming and slicing switching easily; When it is off, semi-auto slicing or trimming is available.(BK-2498only)

    * Safety and emergency braking systems (BK-2498 only),security alarm systems, driver-overload protection and auto-sleep protection system.(For all 3 models)

    * Control system with 3 modes: conventional mode, intelligence sensing mode and whole layer cutting mode.(BK-2488 only)

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