BIOBASE BK-DMG Series Multi Mode Precious Metal Tester

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Product origin CHINA

Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply
Distinguish K value of gold, PT value of platinum, density value, purity percentage can be measured. Pawning house, bank, jewelry shop, precious-metals recovery, jewelry factory, Gemstone Testing Center, precious metals researching, etc.
Note: Unable to measure sample which is hollow or with inserted gems.

  • Multi-mode, gold mode, platinum mode, other precious metals mode can be switched.
  • Top and bottom limitation of K value, purity and density of gold. And prompt alarm.
  • Automatic zero tracking, buzzer warning, and overload warning.
  • No damage testing, cleaning and environmental protection.
  • Could be used as precision balance.
  • Function of solution compensation: necessary if liquid other than water is used as a medium for measuring.
  • RS-232C is included.
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