Biochemical Incubator DW-LBI

General Details


Biochemical Incubator is applicable in research institutes, university laboratories, environmental protection, forestry and animal husbandry industries for culture preservation, bacteria, and microbes.
★ Imported compressor, automatic control for hot and cold.
★ Microprocessor temperature control with large LCD display, high precision.
★ Polished stainless steel chamber,moveable shelves can be freely adjusted, easy for cleaning.
★ Equipped with power supply outlet and lamp inside,easy observation.
★ The chamber equipped with fan for forced convection.
★ The surface coated, good appearance and maintenance.
★ Double door design, tempered glass inner door for easy observation, magnetic sealing design for outer door.
★ Equipped with leakage protection.
★Equipped with spare temperature control which ensures the product work normally even the main
temperature control failed (for heating).
★RS485 connector to connect computer and printer, temperature and time data can be displayed on computer and print.

Optional Parts
1.Multi-segment programmable control
2.Built-in printer
3.Φ25mm(50mm)test hole
4.RS485/232 connector
Wireless alarm system (SMS alarm system)




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