Biological Indicator Incubator BIO-80

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Product origin CHINA

Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply
It is a special constant temperature incubator for biological indicator controlled by microcomputer. Widely used in all kinds of sterilization effect monitoring biological indicators in the process of constant temperature culture. It is especially suitable for periodical constant temperature culture monitoring of pressure steam sterilization biological indicator and ethylene oxide sterilization biological indicator. A variety of modules are optional, which can be easily used with biological indicators from different manufacturers.


  • Small in size and flexible in movement.
  • A variety of specification modules are available to match biological indicators from different manufacturers.
  • Portable, suitable for 24V power adapter.
  • Optional power failure automatic recovery function, automatic operation function when booting, improve work efficiency.
  • The transparent insulation cover is convenient for users to observe the whole process of the experiment.
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