Class II A2 Biological Safety Cabinet Model BSC-1300IIA2

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Clean biological safety cabinet is necessary in animalcule lab, espedally in the condition needing protection measure, such as medicine, pharmacy, scientific research and so on.
The bio-safety cabinet is a box-shaped air purification negative pressure safety device that prevents aerosols from containing dangerous or unknown biological particles during handling.

Its working principle is mainly to pump the air inside the cabinet to keep the negative pressure state inside the cabinet to protect the operator through the vertical air flow. The outside air is filtered through the HEPA filter and then enters the safety cabinet to avoid contamination of the sample. The air in the cabinet is also filtered through the HEPA filter and then vented to the atmosphere to protect the environment.

1. 10° tilt design, more ergonomic
2. Air insulation design to avoid cross pollution inside and outside air circulation, 70% air redrculaiion, 30% air exhaust.
3. Lighting and sterilization system safety interlock
4. HEPA high-efficiency filter can filter more than 99.99% of 0.3um dust particles
5. Digital display LED control interface, fast, medium. Slow three speed
6. The working area is SUS304 brushed stainless steel, strong, durable, easy to clean, anti-corrosion
7. Standard configuration diameter 160mm, 1 meter long exhaust duct and elbow
8. Work area is equipped with a five-hole socket

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