Climate Incubator BJPX-A Series

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Product origin CHINA

Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply
The constant temperature and humidity box has a precise temperature and humidity control system. It provides various environmental simulation conditions required for industrial research and biotechnology testing. Therefore, it can be widely used in sterile tests and stability inspections for pharmaceuticals, textiles, and food processing. As well as testing of raw material properties, product packaging, and product life of industrial products.


  • LCD display.
  • Unique air circulation system ensures uniform distribution of air flow in the operating chamber without causing any harm to the seedlings.
  • Setting of 30 sections of program .It has parameter settings for automatic storage in case of power failure, and the original program setting will run after power resumption.
  • Separate alarming system for temperature limit enables automatic termination of system operation in case temperature exceeding the limit.(optional)
  • Two sets of compressors are intelligently converted to ensure long-term operation of the test equipment .(optional)
  • It can realize CO₂ concentration monitoring and control .(optional)
  • RS485 interface and built-in printer. (optional, only E series)
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