Climate Incubator(BJPX-AC)

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Product origin CHINA

Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply
Widely applicable to the growth of plants and tissue culture, seed germination, seedling, microbial cultivation test; Insects small animals breeding; Water quality monitoring of determining BOD; Medicinal materials, timber, building mater.


  • The shell is made of bronze fashionable aluminium alloy cold-rolled steel plate and spraying technology. The tank body is made of mirror stainless steel, and the shelf bracket can be adjusted at will.
  • LCD display.
  • LED plant light system.
  • The specially designed air duct structure and the air circulation design with breeze make the indoor temperature and humidity control more stable and even.
  • Adopt imported compressor with high and low pressure protection.
  • The humidification adopts a large-volume tank ultrasonic humidifier, which makes humidification more reliable and stable.
  • The controller has a variety of anti-interference measures. The thermostat is equipped with sensor failure alarm, upper and lower temperature deviation alarm, over temperature alarm and parameter storage.
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