CO2 Incubator BJPX-C160D

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Product origin CHINA

Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply
The CO2 incubator is widely used in the research and production of medicine, immunology, oncology, genetics, microbiology, agricultural science, and pharmacology, and has become one of the most commonly used conventional instruments in laboratories.
The CO2 incubator is a device for in vitro culture of cells/tissues, which can simulate the growth environment of cells/tissues in the chamber, such as constant pH (pH: 7.2-7.4) and stable temperature. (37°C), high relative humidity (90%), stable CO2 level (5%).


  • Air jacket: with 140/160 ℃ hot air sterilization function.
  • Equipped with USB port and LCD touch screen, the incubator can save data in real time.
  • High quality infrared CO2 sensor for accurate CO2 concentration.
  • The working chamber adopts round angle structure, easy to clean.
  • High quality HEPA filter ensures the inside gas quality..
  • SMC brand gas circuit valves ensure more stable gas concentration and less consumption of gas.
  • The internal components do not need to be disassembled during sterilization, which is convenient and simple to use.
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