CO2 Incubator DW-DCI-series

General Details

Carbon dioxide cell incubator for modern medicine, medicine, biochemistry and agricultural science and other scientific research units and industrial production departments for biological cell, tissue, bacteria culture and other use.
-Water jacket and air jacket structure are available, polished stainless-steel chamber with air duct.
-Equipped with fan for forced convection, ensuring good temperature uniformity and the balance of CO2 concentration inside.
-When door opened, the fan is automatically turned off and stop heating to reduce the pollution caused by the entry of air.
-Large LCD screen and PID controller design.
-PID microprocessor is used to control temperature and air,meanwhile,the temperature of box ,water and door are separately controlled by three probes to ensure high accuracy. ( Air jacket is equipped with two probes to control door temperature and main body temperature.)
-Flexible switch, each working status has LCD indication.
-Alarm function for over-heating, lack of water, unaspirated, ensuring the safe operation of the equipment.
-Equipped with sterile air filtration devices and UV light system to reduce pollution.
-Natural evaporation for humidification, so that the chamber can maintain good humidity and the humidity can be displayed on screen.
-Adopt gilded infrared probe in the detection of CO2 for precise measurement. The sensor life expectancy is up to 15 years. With alarm function for over concentration, slow concentration rising and unaspirated.
-Equipped with leakage protection and auxiliary thermostat.
Optional Parts
1.RS485/232 connector
2.CO2 pressure releasing valve
3.Wireless alarm system (SMS alarm system)
4.HEPA filter system
5.Automatic humidification system
6.90℃ High temperature sterilization

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