CO2 Incubator DW-WJ-3

General Details

CO2 Incubator is widely used in modern medicine, biology, chemistry and agriculture science for the culture of biological cells, tissues and bacterial.
· Microcomputer control,Large touch screen, accurate and easy for operation.
·Imported infrared sensor and gold-plated probes to ensure accuracy, the life time of sensor is up to 15 years.
· Adopting PID control technology,the CO2 concentration can be freely set within range of 0 to 20%, alarm for over concentration and concentration rise too slow.
· Water jacket and air jacket structure are available, polished stainless- steel chamber with air-duct. Equipped with fan for forced convection, ensuring good temperature uniformity and the balance of CO2 concentration inside.
· When door opened,the fan will automatically turned off (WJ-3 turn off the CO2 intake valve at same time) and heating will be stopped to reduce the pollution caused by the entry of air.
· PID microprocessor is used to control temperature,meanwhile,the temperature of box ,water and door are separately controlled by three probes to ensure high accuracy. ( Air jacket is equipped with two probes to control door temperature and main body temperature.)
· Digital display for setting parameters,each working state has LED indication.
· Alarm function for over-heating, lack of water, unaspirated, ensuring the safe operation of the equipment.
· Equipped with sterile air filtration devices and UV light system to reduce pollution.
· Natural evaporation for humidification to ensure the chamber can maintain good humidity

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