Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber DW-LTH / DW-LTH-N

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Drawell Constant Temperature Humidity Chambers have a precise temperature and humidity control system. It provides various environmental simulation conditions for industrial research and biotechnology testing. It’s widely used in aseptic tests and stability inspection in medicine, textiles ,food processing, industrial Product raw material performance, product packaging ,product life and other tests.
DW-LTH Series
★With brand humidity sensor, built-in tank heating humidification system.
★PID microprocessor ensures precise control for temperature and humidity
★Large LCD screen display, easy operation.
★RS485 interface, for computer connection to display and print data.
★Polished Stainless steel chamber, surface painted, fluorine-free compressor.
★Double door design, the inner door is made of tempered glass for easy observation.
★ Equipped with leakage protectio,auxiliary thermostat (for heating), UV disinfection device

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