Desktop Laminar Flow Cabinet – Horizontal Air Flow Model HD-650

General Details


Working Principle
First, the air is inhaled through the fan and then filtered by the HEPA filter through the static pressure box. After that the filtered clean air is sent out in the state of vertical or horizontal air flow, so that the operation area continues to reach the 100-level cleanliness under the control of clean air and to ensure the production of environmental cleanliness requirements.

Application Range
Horizontal flow work bench noise is reletively small, so it is usually used in electronic industry, which has little effect to health. It is widely used in electronics, national defense, precision instruments, meters, pharmaceutical industries, biological & chemical experiment, etc.

1. Horizontal air flow
2. Using remote to control the wind speed (two-stage wind speeds)
3. Equipped with HEPA filter. With primary filter for preliminary filtration, which can effectively extend the life span of HEPA filter

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