DNM-9602 Microplate Reader

General Details

The instrument is compatible with registered diagnostic ELIA kit, primarily used in hospitals or some detections related to clinical immunology.
1. Measurement System:  8-Channel optical system
2. Range of working wavelength: from 400nm to 800nm
3. Standard: 4 filters (405,450,492,630nm) Totally 10 filters can be installed.
4. Measurement Range:  0.001~4.000Abs
5. Reading speed:single wave :5s,dual waves :10s
6. Photometric Accuracy:  ±0.01Abs  (0.001~1.500Abs)
7. Repeatability:  <±0.5% (0.001~1.500Abs)
8. Stability:  <0.005Abs
9. Linearity:  <±1% (0.001~1.500Abs)
10. Printer: with internal thermal printer
11. Software: compatible withWin 7 and Win XP system.
Features :
1.Provided with power on self-checking. Error data will dispaly on LCD monitor if something with the photoelectric system.
2. Filter choosing-mode:automatically.
3. Checking mode: single wave/dual wave detection.
4.Saving function: can save the checking results of 100 pieces of plates.
5.The microplate reader has good characters such as high sensitivity,high accuracy, high speed of deterction and the easiness of operation etc.
6.Parameters can be checked on the display without using difficult command sequence.

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