dPette Multifunctional 8-channel Electronic Pipette

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Multifunctional eight-channel electronic pipette is an electric-driven pipetting device with digital controls. Our electronic technology assures high effificiency, accuracy and precise results for modern regulated laboratory reducing human error regardless of user skill level, and is a better choice for scientific researchers.
-High accuracy and precision.
High quality stepper motor and piston control system provide outstanding accuracy and repeatability in results, which reduce manual operation errors.
– High level ergonomic handle design
Lightweight and compact to protect users from repetitive strain injury.
– Simple to use and versatile
Double knobs for simple and versatile control. Dispensing function reduces the pipetting steps and speeds up work.
– Dual charging mode
Using the USB charge or charging stand to ensure uninterrupted use.
Three steps to operate dPette
1.Long press the parameter knob for 2s to start.
2.Quickly turn the function wheel to activate, rotate to switch pipetting.
3.After quickly turning the parameter knob to unlock, turn to adjust the volume.
* Pipetting function
Pipette knob pressing.
Pipetting. Long press.
* Dispensing function
Set one-time dispensing volume, and automatically
get the dispensing times
* Other function
Pipetting speed adjustment.
Buzzer status adjustment.

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