DW-09 Lab Blenders Stomacher

General Details

Main Technical Parameters (DW-09)
1) Model:DW-09
2) Power:300W
3) Supply:220V/50Hz
4) Rattling time: 0.1~99 minutes(to 0.1minutes step)or 6~5940 seconds
5) Rap speed: 3~12 times/sec(to 0.1 times/second step)
Display the actual rattling number; the system automatically adjusts the slap speed
Multi-stage programming can be designed: parametric groups can be set according to one’s wishes.
6) Parameter storage:More than 10 groups of multi-stage programming parameters are stored
7) Capacity: 3~400ml
8) Display: digital display
9) Rattling Spacing:0~5mm adjustable
10) Sterile bag:170X300mm
11)Net weight:18.5kg
12) Dimension:420X245X340mm
13) Packing size:740X330X380mm
14) Soft-start mode:Gentle start
15) Pause Function:To ensure sample security ,With auto-stop anti-trap feature
Removable windows and adjustable slap board, toughened glass security door.
16) Slap Box:Stainless steel

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