DW-BP-9010A Wavelength Dispersion WD-XRF

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Product origin CHINA

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The wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (WDXRF) is a high-tech product developed by our company based on the experience and fruits of domestic R&D on similar instrument over years, and absorbing the international advanced technology, The technical performance indexes have reached the level of international similar products. It can be used in any field that requires analysis of elements or compounds from Na to U, such as building materials (cement, glass, ceramics), metallurgy (iron and steel, non-ferrous metals), petroleum (trace elements such as S, Pb, etc.), chemical industry, geological mining, commodity inspection, quality inspection and even human trace elements inspection and so on. It is a reliable tool for macroanalysis and microanalysis. It is also used in universities and research institutes.
DW-BP-9010A is well-designed laboratory equipment that absorbs foreign advanced experience and integrates domestic technical advantages. Its excellent performance can meet the analysis requirements of different customer. The extremely attractive enables the users to benefit from the low-cost analysis process.
At present, our instruments have been widely used in the building materials (cement, glass, ceramics) industry, non-ferrous metals, steel, petrochemical and other fields. The application effect is good and meets the actual needs of users.

  • Application scope:
    1. DW-BP-9010A is very suitable for quality process control in large, medium and small cement plants (single and double kilns). It can be used for the analysis of primary and secondary oxides in raw materials (such as limestone, sand, bauxite, magnesite and other minerals);Determination of CaO, SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, MgO, SO3, K2O, Na2O, Cl and other conventional elements in raw materials, clinker and cement.

    2. Application in steel industry: measuring: The element Si, Mn, P, S, Cu, A, Ni, Cr, Mo, V, Ti, W and Nb can be determined according to GB/T 223.79-2007.

    3. Application in other industries: Determination of S and P in petroleum, glass, ceramics, non-ferrous metals, mining, chemical industry, quality inspection, etc.


  • Highly automated analysis saves time and effort.
  • Suitable for the research and management of raw materials, new materials, products, etc. It only takes about 3 minutes to complete the quantitative analysis of more than a dozen elements in one sample, as the high stability of the instrument fully ensures the automatic analysis.
  • The analysis results can be obtained quickly. After data processing, the quality inspection and specification judgment can be made, which can be applied to the production management analysis (especially bath analysis).

Technical parameters:

  • Element measuring range: any 10 elements from 11Na~92U

    X ray tubes: 400W, Be window, Rh target(Pd optional)

    Tube cooling: Professional circulation refrigeration, no need for cooling water.

    High voltage power supply:400W ( 50kV8mA ) , tube voltage and current stability within 12h: better than 0.05 % .

    Temperature control precision of thermostatic chamber: set value ±0.1°C

    Detector: proportional flow detector, proportional counter, or scintillation counter.

    Data processing system: 12-route 2048- channel independent pulse height analyzers

    Vacuum system: independent pump station structure, double vacuum chamber, easy to maintain, the highest vacuum of the measurement room: less than 7Pa。

    Detector gas flow system: using imported high-precision density flow control system, high-precision air flow density stability device, pressure stability is up to士0.01kPa.

    220V AC power supply: 2kV A C purified and regulated current

    Stability: ( 24 h) ≤2%

    Energy resolution of the counter: ≤40%

    Linear counting of the counter: ≤1%

    Measurement time of a single sample: (including vacuuming and sample change) ≤(2-5)min

    Sample size:Ф40mm x10mm(H)
    Sample analysis area: max 35mm2

    Sample rotation speed: 30rpm

    Software: qualitative analysis system automatic identification and analysis function (smooth, background correction)

    Quantitative analysis system: all kinds of matrix correction, standard analysis, application template

    Maintenance function: automatic diagnosis, remote diagnosis

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