DW-MS Automatic Intelligent Moisture Analyzer

General Details



1 .Full automatic opening and closing hatch/open transparent window. It can prevent the influence of lifting the cover by human.
2. 7-inch high-definition intelligent touch screen: real-time dynamic curve analysis, direct display of moisture percentage / dry weight percentage / dry weight.
3. High bright halogen lamp. Limit heating temperature is 30 ℃.
4. Imported polymer materials / high temperature resistant molding.
5. Double motor drive / double fan design.
6. Intelligent dual temperature control/multi-layer stainless steel heating chamber.
7. Four layers of stainless steel heated inner cabin to improve the efficiency.
8. Removable test cover, convenient for replacement of accessories.
9. Intelligent anti pinch and automatic detection opening function to effectively protect the user and the mechanical system of the instrument.
10. Fast system update and upgrade.

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