DW-SXT-02 Soxhlet extractor

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DW-SXT-02 Soxhlet Extractor The company based on the classic Soxhlet extraction technology developed for the laboratory Soxhlet extraction of a device. DW-SXT-02 Soxhlet extractor design is reasonable, stable performance, high precision, labor-saving, time-saving, extraction methods in line with national standards, the indicators and performance of imports of similar products are required. DW-SXT-02 Soxhlet extractor is the ideal equipment for Soxhlet extraction in food, grease, feed and other industries.

DW-SXT-02 Soxhlet extractor mainly by the heating extraction, solvent recovery and cooling of the three major components. DW-SXT-02 Soxhlet extractor can be operated according to the boiling point of the reagent and the ambient temperature to adjust the heating temperature, the sample in the extraction process repeatedly soak and extraction, so as to achieve rapid extraction purposes; DW-SXT-02 Soxhlet extraction Can automatically recover the solvent, greatly facilitate the use of the user, and save a lot of time.

Technical Parameter :
1, The scope of application: can be used to extract food, feed, oil, soil and other samples;
2, The number of samples per batch: 2 pcs;

3, Extract the bottle volume: 500ml / pcs;

4, The amount of sample extraction: 0.5-20g /pcs

5, Extraction time adjustable, when the alarm;

6, Extraction solvent can be automatically recovered;

7,Temperature range: room temperature +5℃~ 100℃

8,Power supply voltage: 220V + 10V frequency 50Hz;

9, Electric heating power: 300W;

10, Dimensions (mm): 750 × 360 × 550;

11, Weight: 16kg.

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