Energy Dispersion X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (DW-NP-5010)

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DW-NP-5010A energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (XRF) is widely used in environmental protection, geology, mineral, metallurgy, cement, electronics, petrochemical, polymer, food, medicine and high-tech materials and other fields, playing an important role in product research and development, production process monitoring and quality management. In addition, the instrument can be used in archaeology, building materials, RoHS directive and other industries. It is the enterprise quality control ideal choice.
DW-NP-5010A energy dispersive XRF has very wide application. It can do qualitative, quantitative and no sample analysis. Such as block sample, powder or liquid samples, from the 4th element in the periodic table beryllium (Be) to the 92rd element uranium (U), almost all of the elements can be accurately analysed. The analytical concentration range can be from 0.1 PPM to 100%, and even up to 100% of the element concentration can be directly measured without dilution analysis method has the advantages of simple sample preparation, wide determination range of elements, high determination accuracy, good reproducibility, fast measurement speed (30s-900s), no environmental pollution and no destruction of samples.


  • 1.Si(PIN) or SDD detector
    The resolution of detector is one of the main indexes to evaluate the performance of energy dispersive XRF spectrometer.

    Resolution< 145eV (The lower the resolution, the higher the sensitivity.) Counting rate> 1000/S
    Crystal area> 15mm2
    Beryllium window thickness = 0.025mm
    Detector power< 1.2W 2. Multi-channel analyser Number of channels: 2048 channels 3Power controller System power control: +5 VDC at 250 mA (1.2 W) Constant cooling control: 400 VDC 4. X ray tube The X-ray tube, specially treated with embedded lead inside is shielded in full range, leaving only the side window for the x ray outlet. The canned insulating oil is used for high voltage insulation and cooling, 0.005 inch Beryllium window, rated consumption power 50W, rated power 50kV. Designed service life >15000h.

    5. High voltage generator
    Input: 85~265VAC,47~63Hz,Power factor correction.
    1kV~5kVcomply to UL85~250VAC input standard

    Voltage variation: 0.01% of output voltage from no load to full load

    Current variation: 0~rated power, 0.01% of output current

    Ripple: Peak – peak of output voltage 0.25%

    Temperature variation: voltage or current setting, 0.01%/oC

    Stability: 0.05%/8h after warming-up for half an hour

    6. Automatic filter conversion system
    Filters are automatically selected and converted(filter function: The energy spectrum component of the excitation line can be improved to suppress the strong X-ray fluorescence of high content components and improve the measurement accuracy of the elements to be measured.)

    7. Radiation shielded system
    – Newly designed and specially treated-ray tube with low-radiation
    – Fully enclosed lead plate double shield design
    – Automatic filtering device for lead plate
    – X – ray interrupters in case of sample unexpected cover opening
    – Delay testing and X-ray warning system

    8. The detection limit of harmful elements Cd, Pb, Cr, Hg and Br is restricted according to ROHS instruction
    Detection limit (Cd、Pb、Cr、Hg、Br): 2ppm

    9. Powerful analysis software workstation

    One-touch operation software, simple and easy to use, user does not need professional knowledge.

    Ergonomic human-machine interface

    Operators do not need to set various test parameters, powerful customized report function..

    Test data is automatically stored with historical query function

    The most advanced qualitative and quantitative analysis method.

    Dozens of elements can be analysed simultaneously.

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