Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer BKP2000

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Product origin CHINA

Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply

BKP2000 multi-channel dry fluorescence immunoassay analyzer, 12 independent incubation channels, automatic induction of reagent card insertion, automatic printing of test results, and automatic card loss. The 10.1-inch LCD screen has a better visual experience.
It is mainly composed of an optical detection module (fluorescence), a scanning module, a data processing module, a liquid crystal display module, an incubation module, an information acquisition module (ID card reader), a power supply, and a printer.

It is suitable for in vitro diagnostic tests in central laboratories, outpatient/emergency laboratories, clinical departments, physical examination centers and scientific research laboratories of medical institutions.


  • 12 independent constant temperature incubation channels, which can detect 12 different items at the same time
  • Automatic induction of reagent card insertion, automatic printing of test results, and automatic card loss.
  • Built-in thermal printer, can also be connected to an external printer.
  • 10.1-inch large LCD screen with a resolution of 800*480 or more, the visual experience is better.
  • The temperature range can be manually set to quickly achieve the predetermined temperature effect and improve the reaction rate.
  • The operation is convenient, the data is automatically read, and the single detection time is less than 10s.
Model BKP2000
Excitation light source LED
Wavelength Excitation wavelength λ0=365nm

Detection wavelength λ1=615nm

Applicable Instrument Fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument
Storage Conditions -20±5℃, keep away from light
Valid Period Unopened ≥6 months; Opened≥90 days
Sample Volume 7μl
Reaction Volume 20μl
Detection Limit 500 copies/ml
Stability CV <3%
Interpretation of Positive Results CT≤38
Packing Specification 48T/box; 60 boxes/carton
Packet Size 500*500*500mm
Gross Weight 23kg
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