Forced Air Drying Oven DW – LDO

General Details


★ Horizontal and vertical forced air type, good temperature uniformity.
★ Microprocessor controller (with temperature correction and timing function), accurate and reliable.
★ Large LCD screen display.
★ High quality stainless steel chamber, removable shelf, easy-to-clean.
★ Equipped with multiple sets of heaters.(For DW-LDO-101 Series)
★ Adopt temperature selection switch which can select the grade according to the heating speed and operating temperature.(For DW-LDO-101 Series)
★ Silicon sealing ring for reliable sealing.
★ Equipped with leakage protection.
★Equipped with spare temperature control. Ensuries to work normally when the main temp.control failed.
★ Anti-hot handle.

Technical Parameters
1.Temp. Fluctuation:±1℃.
2.Temp. Uniformity:±2.5℃%.
3.Temp. Resolution:0.1℃

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