Formaldehyde Emission Test Chamber

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Product origin CHINA

Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply
BJPX-FE801-3 is suitable for the determination of formaldehyde emission of various wood-based panels, composite wood floors, and interior decoration materials such as carpets, carpet pads, and carpet adhesives, and can be used for the detection of other volatile harmful gases. The indoor climate environment is simulated realistically, and the detection results are closer to the real environment, so they are real and reliable.


  • Overtemperature alarm, dew point overtemperature alarm, low water level alarm.
  • Real-time curve, system temperature, humidity, dew point temperature can be viewed in the display screen.
  • Temperature and humidity controller, touch screen and PLC control module, microcomputer automatic control.
  • The box structure adopts jacket design.
  • Power off protection function.
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