(Fourth generation) ultra-miniatrie Raman spectrometer DTR1600

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Product origin CHINA

Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply

  • Non-destructive rapid detection and identification, one-click operation.
  • Bluetooth41 communication.
  • Mobile app operation.
  • Precision algorithms can detect mixtures.
  • The test results can generate and export PDF reports.
  • Built-in lithium battery life: 4-6 hours.
  • Ultra-light weight (275 grams only) is easy to carry.
  • Class 1P-67 dustproof and waterproof industrial protection.

Application :

  • Police arrest drug dealer.
  • Detection of endangered compounds at entrances of high-speed rail, subway and BRT.
  • Identification of raw ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Food safety inspection.
  • Gem identification.
  • Industrial material identification and process control.
  • Cultural relic identification. Mineral screening.
  • Description:
    DTR1600 is the latest fourth-generation ultra-miniature
    Raman spectroscopy system launched by Optosky. It has the
    characteristics of ultra-light, ultra-thin, small size, etc. The whole
    machine is only 275g, suitable for one-hand operation and very
    convenient to carry.
    The Android APP attached to the DTR1600 has an excellent
    Raman spectral recognition algorithm. And built-in standard
    spectral library of up to more than 20,000 substances. Which can
    detect substances indiscriminately, easily identify them, and add
    users’ own spectral data.
    Optosky will provide comprehensive technical support and services, such as spectral library establishment, method and
    verification, IQ/OQ/PQ certification support, compatibility with CFR21,etc.
    Public safety, food safety, pharmaceutical safety and rapid non- destructive testing are all between your “controls”!
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