Gas Chromatography DW-GC1120

General Details

Temperature Control
Temperature Range:7℃ ~ 400℃ above room temperature, (increment 1℃)
Temperature Control Object:Column Box, front and back detector, front and back sampler, assist,total six channels.
Program ramps : 7 ramps in total
Program setting:0.1℃~40℃/min(increment 0.1℃)
Total time of total program : Up to 655 minutes, (increment 0.1℃)

Hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID)
Minimum detectable quantity: M≤8×10-12g/s (C16)
Best test result: M≤3×10-12g/s (C16)
Noise: ≤5×10-14A
Drift: ≤6×10-13A/h
Linearity range: ≥106

Thermal conductivity detector(TCD)
Sensitivity:≥5000mV﹒mL/mg (C16)
Noise: ≤20µV
Drif: ≤30µV/h
Linearity rang: ≥104

High Sensitivity Thermal conductivity detector(HTCD)
Sensitivity: ≥10000mV﹒mL/mg (C16)

Electron capture detector(ECD)
Detectability: ≤1×10-13g/s (γ-666)
Linearity range: ≥103
Maximum using temperature: 350℃

Flame photometric detector(FPD)
Detectability: ≤2×10-11g/s(P) (Parathion-methyl)
≤1×10-10g/s(S) (Parathion-methyl)

Nitrogen-phosphorus detector(NPD)
Detectability: ≤5×10-12g/s(N) (Azobenzene)
≤5×10-13g/s(P) (Malathion)
(On programmed)

Photoelectric ion detector(PID)
Detectability: ≤1ppb (Benzene)

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