GR SERIES Autoclave

General Details

* Heavy-gauge sterilization chamber
The heavy gauge sterilization chamber in a diameter of 40cm offers a massive space to satisfy various sterilization requirements.
* Microcomputer control system
The latest Inspiration” fast-speed microcomputer intelligent control system is highly robust to not only realize the total-process controls of sterilization, but also enable convenient maintenance, inquiry, calibration, recording and upward scalability in the future. It allows three tiers of administrations, to guarantee satisfactory us and management of the autoclave.
* Waste sterilization mode:
Dedicated waste sterilization procedures are established for effective sterilization of lab wastes.
* Drying
Thoroughly drying according to the CE standard, on hot sale in the Europe
* Cooling loch OPEN temperature
Each procedure can set different cooling lock OPEN temperatures according to the thermal inertia of the sterilization object so as to prevent the user from opening the cover and hence getting burnt when the sterilization object(particularly liquid) is still in an unsafe state.
* Simple and easily understandable and operable control panel
* Preset Procedures and memory system
Six sterilization procedures and warming procedures are preset for 由e sterilizing, warming and drying of solids and liquids, the melting and warming of agars. There are up to 60 cycles and be created and saved to be readily used.
* Safety
Mechanical interlocking: the unique “eight-column evenly distributed” interlocking device is safer and more reliable than common interlocking devices. The electric double inner locks enable the control system to monitor the temperature and pressure in the sterilization chamber on a real-time basis and disable opening of 由e sterilization chamber cover until the safe temperature and pressure are reached, hence guarantee the personal safety of the operator

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