Grease/Oil Melting Point Apparatus (for block and paste) – JHY Series

General Details

Brief Introduction
Automatic grease melting point meter can quickly and accurately determine the melting point of various block and paste samples. 3 samples can be measured simultaneously. Through the digital optical sensor, the whole experiment process is digitized and transmitted to the computer, the intelligent software can automatically judge the melting point of oil, eliminate the subjective error of judging the melting point, and reduce the labor intensity of the experimenter. The instrument has its own heating system, which can ensure a stable heating rate. The platinum temperature sensor has the advantages of fast response and high accuracy compared with the traditional method of using mercury thermometer.

In line with SNT0801.5-2015, GB/T24892-2010, GBT127662008 standards

Main features
1: With refrigeration system, 3 samples can be processed at a time;
2: One-key automatic detection function, effectively avoid human error;
3: PID precise temperature control;
4: Can record and playback the experiment process, not missing every detail;
5: in full compliance with the national standard and ISO oil melting point determination method

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