Hand-held UV Disinfection Stick

General Details

Product origin CHINA
Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply
It can be used for toilets, door handles, toothbrushes, toys, clothing, mobile phones, tableware and any type of textile and plastic surfaces.

It can destroy the DNA or RNA structure of single-celled microorganisms, such as cells, viruses, etc. Usually, 10-15 seconds of irradiation can achieve the sterilization effect, and will not damage any materials, no chemical residue.


  • Do not look at the lamp tube directly.
  • Do not disinfect the liquid, prevent the liquid from splashing into the lamp tube, do not immerse the disinfection stick in water.


Model BK-UVC-01Z
Consumption 1W
Lamp Tube Size 100mm
Lamp Wavelength 253.7nm (no ozone)
UV Lamp Service Life 8000 h
Material Shell: ABS; Lamp tube: quartz
Power Supply 3V, 2 AAA batteries
External Size(H*W*D) 190*26*25mm
Net Weight 50g
Package Size(W*D*H) 194*32*26mm
Gross Weight 60g
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