Handheld Mineral Analyzer (TrueX 900)

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Product origin CHINA

Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply

  • Realize site fast, non-damage and exact analysis really, and show element content by ppm or percentage directly.
  • Small volume, fast and high precision.
  • The analysis samples can be solid and liquid objects like ores, rocks, slags, fragments, soil, slurry etc.
  • It can do intelligent test for uneven or small samples, also very small samples can be measured and recognized.
  • You just need to make it touch the object surface, then you can determine ore grade, element types and content in site.
  • It can keep high performance working even under direct big sunshine and high temperature, which benefits from the low power consumption and timely discharge of great heat in the design.
  • Endure server working condition: sealed with wear and scratch resistant full metal shell, then it can work normally in the rainy and dusty mineral environment.
  • Considering workers’ long usage of equipment, then the design insures the safety as most important thing, the key parts are sealed in full metal to achieve the global lowest radiation standard.
  • Electromagnetic jams are shield, so it can work even close to mobile phone or Dural wireless communication devices.
  • The fastest analysis speed in the world, only 2s can identify mineral element.
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