Infrared Fast Drying Oven DW-LIO

General Details


The principle of the far-infrared drying oven is that the far-infrared heating tube is located in the air ducts on both sides of the far-infrared drying oven. Drying ovens are used across a wide range of industries, research and laboratories for simple applications. It ensures temperature stability and reproducibility for all your desired application needs.


1.Equipped with far-infrared heating radiator, temperature control.
2.Microprocessor controller(with temperature correction and timing function).
3.Large LCD screen display.
4.High quality stainless steel chamber, removable shelf, easy-to-clean.
5.Equipped with multiple sets of heaters.
6.Adopt temperature selection switch which can select the grade according to the heating speed and operating temperature.
7.Convenient operation for air inlet,reasonable air duct structure, good
temperature uniformity.
8.Silicon sealing ring for reliable sealing.
9.With inner glass door for easy observation.
10.Equipped with leakage protection.
11.Equipped with spare temperature control which ensures the product work normally even the main temp.control failed.
12.Optional printer or RS485 interface which can print or connect computer for remote control and alarm.
13.Anti-hot handle



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