Ion Chromatograph BK-IC120

General Details

Product origin CHINA
Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply
The ion chromatograph not only can detect anions, cations and other polar substances in different matrix samples, but also separate ions with four orders of magnitude difference. Intelligent maintenance function is added to give users a better experience. It is suitable for third-party testing institutions, enterprises, environmental protection, chemical industry, mining and metallurgy and other fields.

    1.Temperature-control bipolar conductivity detector
    Greater detection range, better precise analysis
    2.Built-in circulating 3D constant temperature technology
    Temperature stability time is less than 30 mins, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of test data
    3.The world’s leading full-range series of ion chromatographic columns
    High efficiency, large capacity of the columns for detecting ions of varied compositions
    4.Self-Regenerating Electrolytic Micro-membrane Suppressor
    High pressure resistance, small dead volume, highly responsive to signals
    5.Able to detect anions and cations at the ppb level
    6.Work across a variety of detectors, to expand the scope of applications of ion chromatography
Model BK-IC120
Excitation light source LED
Wavelength Excitation wavelength λ0=365nm

Detection wavelength λ1=615nm

Detection Channel 1
Incubation Position 10
Sample Type Serum, plasma, whole blood and urine, etc.
Detection Mode Supports multiple items in one card
Repeatability CV≤5%
Stability σ≤±8%
Linear Correlation (r)≥0.99
Accuracy Δn≤±10%
Carrying Pollution Rate ≤10-5
Pipetting Accuracy Accuracy a≤±5%, Repeatability CV≤5% @ 20~100ul
Display 10.1-inch color touch screen
Language Chinees, English, Other languages can be customized
Interface RS232
Printer Built-in thermal printer
Power Supply 100~120V/200~240V, 50/60Hz
External Size(L*W*H) mm 550*585*535
Net Weight (kg) 57
Package Size(L*W*H) mm 630*760*600
Gross Weight (kg) 85
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