Light Chamber (Fluorine-free Refrigeration) DW-LB-N

General Details


Adopt imported fluorine-free compressor, environment friendly and reliable.
Adopt mirror stainless steel inner tank, shelves inside the chambers can be freely adjustable without tool, convenient for disinfection and cleaning.

Intelligent Controll
It can simulate the temperature changes of nature during the day and night and the
multi-directional nature light.

The parameters set by the user can be automatically stored in case of power cut, it will run the original setting program after power restored.

Intelligent multi-segment programmable control
Program control for temperature, light, time and heating rate, it can be controlled by 30 segments program, simpliying the complicated test process and realizes automatic control and operation.

Self-diagnosis function
When the light/climate chamber fails, the fault information will display on LCD screen.

Safety function
Independent temperature limit alarm system, giving sound and visual alarm to prompt operator, ensuring safe operation of equipment.
Alarm for high or low temperature.
Equipped with leakage protection.
Equipped with spare temperature control which ensures the product work normally even the main temperature control failed(for heating).

Optional Parts
1.CO2 inlet (promoting plant growth)
2.CO2 controller (imported infrared CO2 sensor), CO2 Range:0~10%、0-3000ppm
3.Remote controll system



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