Medicine Stability Test Chamber(BJPX-MT)

General Details

Product origin CHINA
Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply

This equipment provide a long time stable environment of temperature, humidity and illumination for the Pharmaceutical industry medicine invalidation evaluation. It’s applied in the medicine accelerating test, growth test, high humidity test and high illuminance test.

  • The Inner chamber is 304 high-quality stainless steel, full arc design, easy to clean and maintain;
  • The unique air duct design ensures the uniform temperature and humidity in the box;
  • Remote monitoring via mobile phones and computers;
  • It has three levels of password authority management function;
  • Data recording system can record more than 1 million pieces of data, even if the power failure,
    the data will not be lost, can be exported through the U disk;
  • Conforms to the national pharmacopoeia, GMP, FDA, ICH and other relevant standards for long-term test,
    intermediate test, accelerated test, with stable and reliable performance to meet the requirements of
    temperature, humidity, light and other environmental conditions in multiple drug tests.
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