Dispensing Booth

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Product origin CHINA

Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply

The dispensing booth is a local purification equipment dedicated to places such as pharmaceuticals, microbiological research and scientific experiments. It provides a kind of vertical, unidirectional airflow that produces negative pressure in the working area, part of the clean air circulates in the working area, part is discharged to the nearby area to prevent cross-contamination, to ensure the high cleanliness in the working area.

  • Customized design is welcome.
  • Unique designed air duct effectively controls the noise.
  • Smooth transitions of wall and ground can eliminate the blind angle.
  • Differential pressure gauge is equipped to real-time monitor the filters.
  • Intelligent control mode and alarm system ensure the reliability of running.
  • Automatic changeable frequency system monitors the air velocity to ensure its stability in the work area.
  • Uniform flow design of main working area can protects the operators and prevent environmental pollution
    and cross contamination of products.
  • Dispensing Booth(Sampling or Weighing Booth) has primary filters, medium efficiency filters and HEPA filters to keep air cleanliness of work area.
Model BKDB-1200 BKDB-1800 BKDB-2400
Clean Level ISO 5 (Class 100), Class A
HEPA Filters 99.999% efficiency at 0.3μm
Air Volume Supply air volume: ≤7500m³/h, Exhaust air volume: ≤2250m³/h; Adjustable
Material Fully stainless steel
Air Velocity 0.3~0.6m/s, adjustable
Pressure Gauge 3pcs
Noise ≤75dB
UV Lamp 30W*1 40W*1 30W*2
Illuminating Lamp 14W*4 16W*4 16W*4 & 14W*2
Power Supply AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz; 110V±10%, 60Hz
Consumption 600W 1000W 1700W
Sockets 2pcs
External Size(W*D*H) 1200*1200*2000mm 1800*1800*2000mm 2400*1800*2000mm
Work Area Size (W*D*H) 1300*1700*2400mm 1900*2300*2400mm 2500*2400*2400mm
Gross Weight 420kg 750kg 840kg
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