Open-Cup Flash Point Tester

General Details


Product origin CHINA

Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply
It is applicable to all petroleum products with flash points above
79°C and below 400°C except fuel oils.


  • It adopts special heating furnace to ensure the safety of test.
  • The heating power is continuously adjustable. It can meet requirements of test.
  • The instrument is fully self-contained complete. The operator can do determination as long as connecting with coal gas or other civil gas.
  • With fast cooling function, it can improve test efficiency.


  • 88-inch IPS high-definition capacitive screen, the test data and parameters are displayed by curve in real time.
  • Automatic measurement of atmospheric pressure, automatic correction of flash point value.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth interface. The user can query test data anytime.
  • Electronic ignition, gas flame.
  • Remote automatic upgrade to obtain the latest version, remote prediction, abnormal early warning, comprehensive evaluation and maintenance of instrument operation status.
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