Patient Monitor PM6000

General Details

The PM6000 is a cost-effective, multi-parameter patient monitor, providing a reliable measurement on patient’s SpO2, pulse rate, non-invasive blood pressure, temperature, 5-lead/3-lead electrocardiography (ECG) and respiration rate. Integ-rated sidestream technology ensures that the monitor can be used with intubated and non-intubated patients. 12.1 inches display assures easy viewing of waveforms, numeric values and on-screen trending data for demanding facilities.
■ 12.1″ large-sized screen, anti-dazzle with 4° incline.
■ Integrated module designs ensure the product’s safety, stability and durability.
■ Wide-angle alarms indicator makes patients safer.
■ Multiple display modes: OxyCRG, Trend table and Trend graph etc.
■ Advanced patient information management system.
■ Review trend data at any time for any patient by inputting patient ID or name.
■ Connect with central monitoring system for remote and wireless monitor.
■ High capacity storage, power-off data protection.
■ 3-level visual/audio alarms and alarm events can be stored and reviewed.
■ Support slot interfaces: Network, Wi-Fi

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