PH/EC80 pH/EC/TDS/Salt/Temp Tester

General Details


EC80 can simultaneously measures pH, Conductivity, TDS Salinity and temperature without switching probe.
EC80 can switch between °C and °F, available to shut-down automatically.
EC80 includes replaceable pH/Conductivity electrode module.
EC80 has a long life-span battery (>100hrs).
Reliable and Repeatable Results
. 1, 2, or 3 point calibration (pH)
. > 1012 Ω input impedance (pH)
. Zero adjust (ORP)
. 1 or 2 point calibration (cond)
Advanced Functionality
. Dual parameter pH and conductivity
. Automatic temperature compensation (pH)
. Dual range with selectable or auto-ranging options (cond)
. 50 Memory storage
Improved Usability
. Replaceable electrode module
. IP67 waterproof housing
. Graphical LCD
Available Configurations
. Single and multi-parameter pH, ORP, conductivity
. Graphical and segmented LCD display
. With or without memory storage
. °C or °F temperature readout

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