pH/ORP/Conductivity/Salt/TDS/Temperature Benchtop Tester 6377MB

General Details


Best-in-class Usability
Free iOS and Android apps are as easy and convenient to use as users’ favorite apps, and allow complete control of all on-meter functionality plus guided calibration procedures.

High Information Availability
Display pH or conductivity and temperature readings simultaneously with electrode efficiency, last calibration date and real-time graphing of pH or conductivity readings.

GLP-Compliant Data Storage
> 10k Sets of pH or conductivity and temperature data plus calibration data such as calibration date, buffers used, calibration slopes and calibration offsets.

Easily Share Data Locally or to the Cloud
Share stored data to other apps such as Notes and Evernote or to cloud services such as Google Docs.
Implement Best Practices
Enforce department or company policies such as calibration frequencies, number of calibration points and minimum electrode efficiency.

Available Configurations
. Single or multi-parameter pH, ORP, ion, temperature, conductivity, salinity, TDS
. With or without Bluetooth connectivity

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