Platelet incubator BJPX-SP10

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Product origin CHINA

Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply
After thawing, platelets need to be kept swinging in a constant temperature environment of 20℃-24℃ while waiting for infusion to patients. The BIPXSP10 platelet incubator is a device made according to this requirement. When the thawed platelets are placed on the inner chamber storage shelf, the machine can continuously output the continuous left-right reciprocation with the amplitude of 50mm and the frequency of 60rpm, and the horizontal oscillation is achieved, which solves the problem of safe storage of platelets.


  • Microprocessor control system, LCD display/li>
  • UV lamp for disinfection, the interlock for UV lamp and door
  • Power on/off switch, more convenient for operation
  • High efficiency refrigeration system, fast cooling speed and uniformity temperature inside
  • Double-layer glass observation window, filled with gas, to ensure the cooling performance alarm for high/low temperature, door ajar, etc.
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