Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meters 9010M

General Details


No-Frills Ease of Use
Stores 50 data points
Automatic or manual temperature compensation (pH)
Automatic buffer recognition of US and NIST buffer sets (pH)
Optical dissolve oxygen for fewer membrane replacement
IP65 splash-proof housing
Large, clear LCD with dedicated pushbuttons for key operations

Reliable and Repeatable Results
. > 1012 Ω input impedance (pH)
. 2 Points calibration (pH)
. 2-Wire conductivity (conductivity, salinity, TDS)
. 1 Point per range calibration (conductivity, salinity, TDS)
. K = 0.1, 1.0 and 10.0 (conductivity, salinity, TDS)
. 1 Point calibration (DO)
. Adjustable pressure and salinity compensation (DO)

Available Configurations
. Single parameter pH/mV, conductivity, salinity, TDS, DO with temperature
. 2-Wire or 4-wire conductivity
. Galvanic, polarographic or optical dissolved oxygen

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