Pulse Oximeter uPM60

General Details

The uPM60 is a Pulse Oximeter include in pulse oximetry and pulse rate technology. Designed to provide fast, reliable SpO2, PR measurements. It is a portable device for spot-checking, monitoring of adult, pediatric and neonate patients.It can be used in the hospital, clinical environment, home healthcare,and during emergency and transportation.
■ 3.5’Large size color touchscreen,320X480pixels.
■ Two types of power supply: AC charger or 4400mAh Lithium-lon Battery.
■ Three measurement modes: spot-check, monitoring and record.
■ Continuous storage of data for 999 patient data in 120 hours.
■ Data can be stored on a computer and managed, analyzed and printed with data analysis system.
■ Silent sleep monitoring , with data storage and automatic power-saving features for patients with 24 uninterrupted care.
■ Suitable for adults, pediatric and neonate patients.

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