Real-time PCR System Gentier-96R/96E

General Details

1.Design for flexible use
-Standard with 10.4′ LCD touch screen, functions quickly, accessible through simple, one-touch commands.
– Wizard operation to lock and unlock the transport locker.
– Message alarm indicate the status of the machine.
– USB port update software and firmware.
– Unique power-off protection function can save all the setted configurations for sudden power outages, and allow the experiment continues when power supply is restored.

– 2.Fast and uniform heating system
– Concealed lid with constant temperature and isopiestic pressure.
– Electrical controlled elevating & automatic locked platform.
– Thermo block is based on improved heat pipe technology, leading to extraordinary lintra-well temperature homogeneity and maximized inter-well, inter-cycle reproducibility.
– Highly efficient PID&DSP control algorithm ensures faster respond and stronger interference resistance, fast and uniform heating and heat sinking.

2.1System can be installed in three distinct configurations providing unmatched flexibility and convenience.
– Co-located configuration (PC control).
– Standalone (PC-free) configuration (Data can be export by USB and analysis on PC).
– Networked configuration (PC software automatically detect all systems in LAN and allow to remote monitoring one of experimental progress and downloading of the completed run file to the PC at your desk,one PC can max control 10 instruments).
3.High sensitive and precise optical system
– High-sensitivity and wide dynamic range of fluorescence detection system, sample dynamic range could be from 101 to 1010 copies.
– Fast and precise mechanical scanning structure ensures the illumination uniformity of 96 wells, eliminate edge effects, no need for ROX calibration.
– Fluorescence excitation by a high-intensity and long-life LED. Bulb Luminance will not attenuation over time, free maintenance optical system through the entire life.
– Professional designed fluorescence filters realize the highly fluorescence transmittance and meanwhile minimize the fluorescence channel crosstalk.

– 4.Easy to use software
– Friendly interface and clearly functional modules design, first-time users can easily start a new experiment.
– All experiment data and setting options are shown conveniently on a single interface.
– Instrument Management allow you managing all the Gentiers in the WLAN.
– More than thousands results can be stored in device.
– USB or WLAN easily transfer experiments data anywhere you needed.
– Multi-options for experiments: New, New for Existed, Open data file, Double click data file.
– User can define the experiments name for documentation
– User can define the data storage directory themself
– Pre-installed templates can help user more easier to edit the protocals.

4.1.Run monitoring
– All running information in one screen, intuitively and simply
– User can define each model to see what they like on the screen: Real-time Fluorescence ,Heat map, Run inf。,Sample Setting, Sample info…
= Run the experiment first by device, later edit the sample setting in PC, when PC connected to machine, setting upload to machine automatically.
– After experiment, data download to PC automatically.

4.2.Data analysis
-Optional baseline setting: Automatic or Manual.
-Multi-option analytical method for different requirements: Automatic or Manual threshold method, normalization method.
-Reference Dye analysis.
-Data analysis-others
A Statistics analysis: Replicate,Gene types.
A Heating map options: Ct, Concentration, Florescence.
A LIS connectivity, can export csv, Excel and Txt format.
A Row data and results can export in Excel format.
Unique designed universal report(Research and Clinical) can be customized according to the requirements, report review and print function help clinical documentation as needed.

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