Small Size PRP centrifuge DD4-M

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Product origin CHINA

Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply
DD4-M is PRP (platelet-rich Plasma), PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) and (CGF)Concentrate Growth Factors centrifuge, It’s widely used in qualitative analysis of blood serum, plasma and medical products in hospital, biochemistry and blood center, Dental hospital, Plastic surgery, Orthopedics department, and Maxillo facial surgery.

  • With compact structure, low noise and light weight
  • It has realized accurately microprocessor control of rotate speed, time, temperature and RCF.
  • Maintenance-free frequency conversion motor, which can prevent over speed.
  • with special program for PRP, PRF, CGF , also can used for ordinary medical use
Model TGL-22M TGL-22MC
Max Speed 24000r/min 34700xg
Display Digital display LCD Display
Max Capacity 4 x100ml
Speed Accuracy ±10rpm
Timer Range 0~99min
Temp Range -20℃~﹢40℃ /±1℃
Noise ≤60dB(A)
Power Supply AC220v&110V 50Hz 18A
Dimension 610x622x360mm(L*W*H)
Weight 65kg
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